Here are a few comments from emails and comments.  From the site to our meetings, we love hearing such wonderful feedback!  Thanks and keep them coming!

  • "As a coordinator at a youth group, I wanted to let you know that your page with links to other clubs and societies has really helped our group!" J.B.

  • “Love of Land Images will be returning to your show in 2019.” J.S.

  • “We really love your show and want to continue supporting your club.  Thanks again for the quick reply! Let me know what I can do from my end for advertising...especially with social media. I'll send my application and check in this week. Have a blessed weekend!”  A.D.

  • “The Waco Club and its members have made the show a favorite of ours. We have, for that reason, referred vendors that we know from other shows to Waco. I plan to rejoin the Waco Club & am excited about the new website, etc that we discussed.”  S.B.

  • “Wonderful and lovely people. Good food.”  S.K.

  • “Love the website!” C.H.